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Tea, which we used to call black, in China it is considered only in red, because it's really black tea - it Puer. To gain a deep color infusion, strong, mellow taste and long-lasting flavor, this tea is aged for several years in the special conditions.
Puer - the only kind of tea that gets better with time. Optimal storage for different varieties of tea - from 10 to 30 years. Collection aged Pu-erh can be rated higher than a collection of vintage wines.
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Meghay Puer 2001 prepared Type: Puer tea Weight (net): 357 g Quality : AAAA Age 11 - 2..
3,900.00 р.
Meghay Puer 2010 Type: Puer tea Weight (net): 357 g Quality : AAAA Age 1 - 3 years ..
2,000.00 р.
Yunan Puer "Red Young" New
Type: Pu'Er Tea Age: 2 - 3 years Type: Extruded . Packing form: Round Weight: (kg) : 0.1 ..
600.00 р.