Yunan Puer "Red Young"

New Yunan Puer "Red Young"
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Type: Pu'Er Tea
Age: 2 - 3 years
Type: Extruded .
Packing form: Round Weight: (kg) : 0.1 .
Produced Yunnan Vanhong Ltd.
Weight ( g): 100
Province: Yunnan
Three important reasons why we recommend this Puer Tea :
  1. Therapeutic and nutritious . This kind of Puer tea is most suitable for normal bowel and stomach
  2. Taste - very delicious. 8 -year-old Puer tea , 2005, production of selected great leaf tea Puer and arguments almost 10 years in a dry warehouse. This made it ripe , with a pure and aromatic taste
  3. High quality , low price.
Any , you can store it or drink yourself or make a gift. It really is the most suitable for all these cases tea.
Brewing method :
First, pour the boiling water into the teapot to overflow slightly. This flushing water, and heating the kettle. Pour the water .
Then use boiling water to brew the tea , 2-5 minutes time .
Typically, this tea can be brewed 2-5 times.
Three cups a day make your days refreshing , beautiful and carefree .
A cup of tea in the morning , refreshing brain , and provides energy for the day.
Cup day , regulates the endocrine system , beautiful temperament inside.
Evening cup , relieves fatigue , calms at bedtime.
Cake 100 g.
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