Shu Pu er Meghai 2010

Shu Pu er Meghai 2010
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Meghay Puer 2010
Type: Puer tea
Weight (net): 357 g
Quality : AAAA
Age 1 - 3 years
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Certification : QS
The price is for 1 unit , weighing 357 grams
Puer tea has medicinal features :
1. Reducing fat in the blood , weight loss , normalization of blood pressure and resistance to atherosclerosis .
Dr. Amill Carroby and his colleagues from the Institute in Paris (France) Yunnan Puer used in clinical trials and proved that : "Yunnan Pu'er Tea has a good effect to reduce content of lipoid and cholesterol ". In Kunming Medical University (China) also conducted 55 clinical trials to Yunnan Pu'er, the results showed that he treats diseases of high blood fat levels and compared them with 31sluchaem use of clofibrate which has a good effect of reducing fat.
The result shows that the therapeutic effect of clofibrate above Pu-erh tea .
People are constantly drinking Pu'er tea can reduce blood levels of cholesterol and glycerin .
Drinking Pu-erh tea can cause physiological effect in maintaining the circulatory system in order for your entire life, normalizing blood pressure and heart rhythm ordering , so this tea has a good curative function to high blood pressure and atherosclerosis brain.
2 . "Anti- decrepitude ." Tea catechins has the effect of "anti- senility ." Total amount of catechin contained in Yunnan Puer more than other kinds of tea .
At the same time , in the process of Puer tea ( fermentation ) in new macromolecular polisaharidypreobrazuyutsya soluble monosaccharides and oligosaccharides , vitamin C increases doubly , which imeetsuschestvennoe impact on improving the human immune system , maintaining the health and longevity.
Gift package 357 g.
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